Research giving revolution is a new student and young researcher driven, mentor supported revolutionary movement for more giving, kinder, and open scientific practices to tackle replication and other scientific crises for a better world. We conduct brief reviews and quality assessments for top researchers, update Wikipedia and provide resources to make it easier for researchers to share data and materials, pre-register studies, follow reporting standards and do methodologically better research in general while respecting patient/participant values.

We are running our first pilots, If you are interested to join as a student/citizen scientist or support the project as a researcher fill the form at this link.  For more information about the project contact touko.kuusi@helsinki.fi

Our methods:

Kuusi Touko, Kunnari Anton and Knittle Keegan. “When Methodologies Conflict: Developing Tools to Compare and Select Appropriate Methodologies for Conducting, and Appraising Evidence from Systematic Reviews.” In Cochrane Colloquim and 10th Duodecim International Symposium, 2018. (in progress, upcoming, independent research project)
More scientific articles are planned to cover other aspects of research giving revolution process

Conducted pilots



We conducted a search for systematic reviews and meta-analysis about multivitamin supplementation. There seems to be clear consensus that wide majority of people taking multivitamins in studies did not benefit from them. It is likely that most people taking multivitamins currently are not benefiting from them (e.g. 35% of adults in United States). Additionally, we found signs that industry supported systematic reviews tended to have more favourable conclusions than ones conducted by independent researchers.

 available at this link